About Peaches Provisions

Seventeen years ago Peaches founded Peaches Provisions with one olive product, Menage A Trois. Many products later, our offering has expanded to pickled vegetables, bloody mary mixes, and hand decorated glassware. We are thrilled you visited our website to review our latest product lineup. We welcome your feedback on new product suggestions, your recipes we can include for customers, and any other area you wish to highlight.

How did we Become this Successful

Peaches' eureka moment occurred 18 years ago when she saw a bartender stuff, then skewer three olives and plop them in a martini. If these were pre-skewered, what a covenience to the bartender, whether at a bar or at home, right? Our Menage A Trois was the result--a marriage of three different stuffed olives on a skewer: garlic, pimiento, and jalapeno, then drenched in vermouth. Our olives, vegtables, and bloody mary mix are all freshly packed. From your first bite, you will savor the firm olive skin, tasty stuffing, if any, and delicious brine or vermouth.

We sell directly to the public and wholesale to specialty and liquor stores. While we may not have a presence where you are located, we welcome the chance to work with your favorite goumet market or liquor store.

Please keep updated where our next show will be through our website.